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What We Do


We equip Christians to better understand the role of good work, all of which matters deeply to God, as part of his unfolding story in Nashville and beyond.

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We connect Christians throughout Nashville through events and opportunities that lead to strong relationships and cultural flourishing within the city.

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We mobilize Christians to love our city to life by supporting them as they develop relationships with other individuals and institutions in Nashville.

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Want to connect your Sunday to your Monday? Consider Gotham.

Our Vision

The average American will spend over 80,000 hours at work over his or her lifetime.

It’s important to view the workplace as an opportunity to renew individual hearts, communities, and the world. All good work, not just ministerial, missionary, medical, or non-profit work, matters to God is fundamental to joining Him in His redemptive plan for this world.

The Nashville Institute for Faith & Work is dedicated to helping individuals and groups integrate their Christian faith into their day-to-day work in a way that brings about human and organizational flourishing in Nashville and beyond.

We do this by equipping, connecting, and mobilizing leaders across industries. When we embrace our Christian faith at work, we can love people, places, and things to life.

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