What is a Vocation Group?

Have you ever felt like you’re not sure what being a Christian in your vocational sphere looks like? Would you like to learn how to live for Christ and serve your industry using your professional skills?

Nashville Institute for Faith and Work (NIFW) Vocation Groups are industry-specific gatherings that meet monthly to build relationships, explore God’s purposes for work, and engage contemporary issues in their fields.

We believe work is at the heart of God’s mission in the world. Vocation Groups put this conviction in motion by equipping professionals to live for Christ, serve their workplace, industry, and community.

Goals of NIFW Vocation Groups:

  • Connect: Members cultivate a growing network of professional peers and find insight, challenge, and encouragement.
  • Equip: Members explore the theology of work, as expressed in Scripture and classic and contemporary works, as well as the challenges that affect their industries today. Vocation Groups prepare members to serve their professions, communities, and the Church through their work. By combining solid biblical teaching with practical application, groups members develop an understanding of faith and work. Vocation Groups bridge the “sacred-secular divide” by encouraging members to live before God in all of life. Groups help members reorient their concept of professional achievement around God’s purposes.
  • Mobilize: Vocation Groups prepare members to serve their professions, communities, and the Church individually and collectively. Groups encourage creative service that closes the gap between “the good”–God’s desire for his world – and the current reality. Members are challenged to embody the gospel in their professional roles and to look for areas of brokenness individually and collectively to address contemporary problems in innovative, sacrificial ways.

Current Vocation Groups: