Aside from the love we pour into our children, the only other constant with motherhood is the inevitability of change. From newborn sleepless nights, through awkward adolescence, to saying goodbye in the dorm room, our lives are transformed. Motherhood is work. And when the nest empties, it’s easy for many of us to wrestle with the question, “What next?” It’s a seismic shift that warrants intentional thought to discover the answer.

There is work still to be done.

There is purpose beyond the daily mothering.

A calling to fulfill.

In this new season, we have the opportunity to grow. “What next?” becomes a question we can ask with anticipation, not dread. There is more to come.

As theologian Os Guinness writes, “…are you open to the possibility that there is one who created you to be who you are and calls you to be who he alone knows you can be?”

If you’re a mother living in or anticipating an empty nest, join our learning community and explore how to bring purpose and fulfillment into your next season of life.

In this 9-week class we will:

  • Reframe the meaning of work through examining theology. And by work, we mean all things that are not rest or leisure—not just paid employment.
  • Rediscover who God made us to be and how we have grown. Through various exercises and tests, we will examine our natural wiring, our tendencies and behaviors, and reflect on what it is like to be on the other side of ourselves.
  • Reflect on the rhythms and routines of our lives and how those are changing.
  • Ready ourselves for the word God has for us about his call on our next season.
  • Focus on our relationship with God through guided devotions.

When: TBD

Leaders: Amy Norton Senior Associate at Giant Worldwide and Missy Wallace Executive Director of the Nashville Institute for Faith & Work